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SML Maskinkonstruksjon AS is a supplier of complete production installations for the wood fabrication industry. We are located by the Lake Mjøsa at Kapp, in the central part of south Norway.

A major part of our sales are exports to the other nordic countries, Sweden and Finland, as well as locations world wide. SML products are used in: Russia, Estonia, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, China, Romania, USA and other countries.

More about SML Products...

Complete installations

SML can sypply a complete factory installation, with machines and equipment tailored to meet the the required production capacity.

We work with you from the planning stage through installation. This assures a problem-free startup, and may significantly reduce your 'time to market'.

If you are in the process of setting up truss production, ask us about a 'starter pack'. While this is a minimal setup, it is complete (right down to the initial supply of nailplates) and extendable at a later time.

In addition to the more common factory installations, we can also supply Field Workshops. These mobile installations brings truss production directly to the building site, packaged in a steel container for transport.